Block unwanted texts or phone calls on your mobile

Are you receiving unwanted phone calls or text messages to your mobile? Tired of those incessant calls about saving money on your phone bills? Do you need to deliberately block someone who has become a pest? Maybe you have a child who has come under the attention of a bully at school?

I was reading through a post on Damien Mulley’s Blog earlier and one of the links listed on the post in question was to this online service for O2 customers called Block it which allows you to block incoming texts from up to 100 numbers at any one time. It doesn’t however allow you to block calls.

For Vodafone customers you can use Mobile Manager. This runs on a few different models of phones and will also allow you to limit or “Net  Nanny” your childs phone depending on you registering the age of the phone holder with Vodafone. This allows you to block phone calls and texts as well as facilitate some internet blocking on an age basis. These two systems can work on most traditional mobile handsets , you must have an internet connection to download the software in the case of the Vodafone offering.

For those of us who form the Smartphone Brigade there are a multitude of paid and free apps that can be downloaded and installed to help with dealing with problems like this.

In my case there are quite a few call blockers available for the Blackberry format (I am an avid Blackberry user for a few years now, I’m impressed with the quality of the phone, email and messaging systems on the Bold Series, I tried the unfortunate Storm but backed away from touch screen after that).

A Quick search on BLACKBERRY APPWORLD (click to go there) churns out over 100 results for the free ones alone, with a multitude of paid apps, far too many to list here.

Android users have a far better choice as well. The ANDROID MARKET (Click again) has over 650 free blockers, use the link to search for the free ones.

To use it on an iphone, it is my understanding that there are fewer options and most of those involve having a jailbroken phone which a lot of the iPhone brigade do not want to do.

The facebook and twitter apps etc. all facilitate the blocking of unwanted posters or spam posters and practically all email apps allow you to classify email senders as Junk or similar.