Want to add Lightroom, The Gimp or Photoshop as a string to your bow

Think about it, you have literally thousands of Digital photos but there are some of those that neecd a little work, maybe crop out that unwanted dumptruck in the background, brighten up that underexposed shot which you don’t have a second version of.

Maybe you have a box of old photos of Grandma that have been discoloured with age and you would like to scan them in and tidy them up a little before you print one for all your relations.

We cover all of these things using the most common freely available software packages, The Gimp, Picasa, Paint Shop Pro from Corel, Adove Lightroom and of course using the industry Standard Adobe Photoshop if you have it available.

Courses begin with basic photo manipulation, including fixing a host of the most common problems, moving on through more advanced techniques until finally with our expert Module you can consider yourself a Photo Manipulation and repair guru. (The only problem with this of course is that soon you will be swamped by everyone that will be calling to you to do this work for them, you can of course just refer them on to us to deal with this problem).

Contact us to find out how we can help you along your way to Photo manipulation Heaven.