We can never say we know everything, Surgeons find new knee ligament.

Re-discovered Anterolateral Ligament.

Absolutely nothing to do with technology except in a sideways fashion but I had to say a few words on this.

The announcement earlier on of the (Re)-discovery by two Surgeons in Belgium of another ligament in the knee slightly astounded me. For a couple of reasons.

Firstly: This was found in an area of the body where most work is now done using scopes and keyhole surgery. HOW has no-one find it before now, it’s connected directly to the LCL right at its connection to the bone. In all of the years of examination of the human body noone has seen this?

It’s not like it’s a small item, microscopically small. this thing is as big f not bigger than the LCL and towards the front of the knee. I’m astounded that something as important as this could have gone unnoticed especially with the advances in medicine created by worldwide industry that Sports have become. And it is a multi billion dollar industry.

Secondly: The truism that we never stop learning!
No matter what advances we make, nature and science can still knock us for six with it’s discoveries. There we were having come so far thinking that we knew all about the human shape and form, research now heading into the microscopic state, into DNA, the very molecules that make us what we are and also make us so different and something on a macro scale just comes up and slaps us. It is humbling how little we know about ourselves.

The old statement of not seeing the wood for the trees was never more apt. Congrats to the guy who twigged it in 1879!